Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's Time for a Turning Point!

Have you ever found yourself looking at your life and wondering what happened along the way? Sure, you may have a really great life and be happy with the way things are. But maybe there's something missing. Maybe there's this nagging feeling that you haven't done everything you had hoped to do. Or maybe you're just wondering if you're capable of doing more. Well, it's time for a turning point!

Everyone has a turning point, where they begin to think about how their life could be different and what they need to do.

How could your life be different? What do you need and want?
  • Extra money for your kids' activities
  • Savings for buying a home or having a wedding
  • Vacation
Maybe it's not about money. Maybe you're looking for something different.
  • More confidence
  • A feeling of accomplishment
  • Independence
Whatever it may be, your opportunity is now. Your opportunity is Avon.

For just $15, you can start your own Avon business. What does this mean? What can you get if you start your own Avon business?
  • Be your own boss! You're in charge.
  • Make your own schedule. Work from anywhere.
  • Earn what you want by working as hard as you want, including up to 50% commission.
  • Share and use great products for everyone. 
  • FREE trainings and training materials.
  • Opportunities to meet great new people and form lifelong friendships.
It's so easy to get started! Simply go to and use my reference code aliciawyland.

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